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Men’s Sheds are modern, shared versions of the home workshops that have long been part of the Canadian way of life. The Canadian Men’s Sheds Association is a peer-run group that aims to build relationships between Canadian sheds, help new ones get started, and raise awareness about the friendly, inclusive, and creative spaces that sheds can offer. Want to learn more? Contact Us or visit About Sheds.


Here’s a research paper indicating that men’s sheds are an important part of men’s health. posted December 1 2017

Abstract [Summary] [Link to paper] Males experience greater mortality and morbidity than females in most Western countries. The Australian and Irish National Male Health Policies aim to develop a framework to address this gendered health disparity. Men’s Sheds have a distinct community development philosophy and are thus identified in both policies as an ideal location…

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Build Your Own Utility Shed posted November 3 2017

At Men’s Sheds we mostly build, well… Men’s Sheds – small groups or gathering place for men to come together to work and socialize. But in case you’d like to build an actual physical shed, guest contributor Jim Niehaus from Perfect Cuts and Miters has outlined a general approach for you to consider. DIY –…

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