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“Men  don’t  talk  face  to  face – they  talk  shoulder  to  shoulder,
usually  while  doing  something  with  their  hands”


Men’s Sheds are dedicated, friendly, and inclusive meeting spaces in the community/neighbourhood where men come together to work on meaningful projects and activities at their own pace and in the company of other men.

Although sheds are diverse in organisation, structure and function they are common in purpose inthat they are a space for men. Men’s sheds address the need for socialization, friendship,
camaraderie, self-esteem and the need for purposeful activity for a large cross-section of men:
young men, unemployed men, older men, retired men, men with mental health problems,
disengaged men regardless of race, color, national origin or religion.

Men’s Sheds are Good For You

The UK Men’s Sheds Association has released the results of their survey looking at the health and community benefits of Men’s Sheds. Among their findings is that participation in Men’s Sheds results in increased community participation and reduced anxiety and depression. You can read their news release for more details.

Men's Sheds featured on CBC Sunday Edition

The Woodhaven Men’s Shed (Winnipeg, MB) was featured on CBC Sunday Edition. Check out this wonderful story on CBC’s website.

Community Services And Counselling




Recently a few of our members led by Gaye Hoskins, donated their time and skills to help out Haldimand Court Apartments in Grafton.

The retirement home needed a couple of picnic tables refinished and a new one built to their specifications to enable easier access to seating for their senior tenants. With help from Wayne Hillier, Trevor Holmes and Phil Kift, Gaye and crew stripped and sanded the 6 ft and 8 ft tables and then painted them.
This took quite a bit of time and then Gaye and Wayne commenced building the square one with the 4 individual double seats from the plans provided by Haldimand Court who also provided the materials for the build.
Nice job guys! And a big thank you to Gaye’s son for the use of his wonderful shop – couldn’t have done it without your shop.

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