Lanark County Men's Shed

Lanark County Men’s Shed group (name in progress) is here to promote spaces in the county where men can gather and share information and ideas on projects and activities to encourage camaraderie and belonging and contribute to the community.


Come by The Table in Perth [View on Map] on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday morning of each month from 7:30 am to 9:00 am. We also usually get together on Sundays to work on something. For updates check our Facebook group page.


So we keep talking about what our shed is or should be called/named. Yes, we’re in Lanark County, but so is Carelton Place and they’ve got their own shed that’s separate. Yes, we meet in Perth, however we also often meet out of town and one of our shops/sheds is out on Brooke Road. Then there are these other cool sheds who have names like Hack-berry and sometime similar could be nice. So, here we are with ~60 different name suggestions and nobody agreeing on anything. Time to vote!

Andrew has divvy’d up the suggestions into 6 categories:

  • Something with Perth/Tay Valley in it
  • Something with Lanark in it
  • Something to do with different places
  • *Nature* Mens Shed
  • *Objects* Mens Shed
  • *Other* Mens Shed

The idea is to pick one (maybe 2 by leaving a comment) and submitting your vote – the only info needed is your name to make sure the votes get counted properly.

Here’s the link:

Edit: Some have mentioned that this might be too complicated, so there’s an alternative form you can fill out and I’ll just compare them both, so fill out whichever one you want.

This is the other form:

Thanks for voting!