Men’s Sheds – Various Definitions

Here is a collection of various ways different people have described what Men’s Sheds means to them:

“There are many men who experience a bit of a vacuum when the structures of their life shift….. this can generate the conditions for unwellness physically, socially, spiritually and then of course mentally. I see your men’s shed as being a creative, nonobligatory, and communal space that has many powerful effects both within the individual and as much within a community.”
– J.J, Collingwood, Ontario.


“Men’s Sheds are a welcoming, supportive place for friendship and fun. They provide opportunities for men to socialize, take part in activities, and learn something new. They are places where members can be themselves.”
– Dr Corey Mackenzie et al, University of Manitoba


A Men’s Shed is a place where all men, regardless of age, background or ability:
* Are respected, valued and belong and can comfortably pass on their practical skills and knowledge
* Learn through doing stuff together- each man is a teacher and a learner each having different levels of skills, professional and practical to share collectively
* Can come together and help out their communities
* Can just come and have a chat and a cuppa if that is what they are looking for
* Can talk out things that are important to them, and can improve their own wellbeing by keeping physically, mentally and socially active.
– Irish Men’s Sheds


“Men communicate while doing hands on activities, shoulder to shoulder.”
– Dr Barry Golding, Melbourne, Australia.

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