Launch of the Canadian Men’s Sheds Association Website

Men's Sheds Canada

The CMSA has just launched this national website in collaboration with the University of Manitoba and the Movember Foundation. We are just in the early stages and welcome any feedback. Some planned future features include a forum space and an interactive shed startup toolkit.

The main goal of the site is to provide a point of connection for people that may be interested in starting a shed, so we hope to list all of the sheds that we know of in Canada, along with contact information and links to their respective websites.

But we also want to provide a space for sheds that don’t want to maintain or pay for their own site to start a sub-page on this one. As leader of a shed, you would receive your own sub-page, for example, which you would be able to customize.

For information on getting on the site or setting up a sub-page, just get in touch.

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